September 18, 2007

Zimmer, thus far

For many students at the U of C, Robert Zimmer's tenure as president has been shaky. He has changed the Uncommon Application (although entirely superficially), decided not to divest from Sudan, and failed to help grad students to the extent they wanted.But everyone knows that the real job of a University president is to raise money. Lots of it. And since Zimmer came into office he has done a phenomenal job raking in large gifts. The U of C has received enormous naming gifts for the GSB and the new arts center. Famously the U of C also got an enormous gift to support undergraduates.Of course, all this money could have nothing to do with Zimmer. Getting large gifts isn't about making a phone call, but can take years to finalize. But while Zimmer hasn't made many friends on campus, students should realize that he has had tremendous success in the most important aspect of his job.Let's hope he keeps it up.