February 26, 2008

Page 6

Referencing the Sunstein–Nussbaum split, Alec makes a great point about how we cover our campus celebrities: It's time to start asking the tough questions about the private lives of our leading lights.When you make the decision to become a law professor at a leading research university, you are knowingly suspending any sort of privacy you may have previously enjoyed. Everything you do--your academic papers, your seminars, your trips to Hyde Park Produce--is subject to scrutiny, and rightfully so. So when our big-ticket item decides to move 1,500 miles apart, well, we deserve an explanation, and at the very least, a blurry photograph of the two keeping their distance on 57th street.And think of the headlines:"Nuss is loose: Martha cuts ties with Sunstein""Left hanging: Nuss leaves Sunstein.""Cass-hole! How Sunstein broke Martha's heart""Nuss flash: Indecent exposure charge dooms law school romance"(or alternatively, see this).I hate to say the Maroon dropped the ball here but, honestly, what were we thinking?One of the more positive elements to come out of Sunday's Maroon election is the extent to which our new ME and EIC are committed to revamping online content and, in particular, blogs. (Plug: check out the new website!). That probably won't have too much of an effect on this blog since we mostly discuss horrifying sea monsters and Paul Krugman, but it does open up the possibility for something I've long advocated: Page Six.Finally, we'd have a forum to discuss real issues, by which I mean, incriminating photos of members of Student Government, incriminating photos of Robert Zimmer, and incriminating soundbites about both Robert Zimmer and Student Government as "overheard" at Jimmy's.UPDATE: Please post your best NY POST-style Sunstein–Nussbaum headline in the comments.