February 26, 2008

Welcome to the "Rock"

This is two weeks old, but with the telegraph wires down, news has been trickling in slowly from the California territory. That, and I don't subscribe to Google alerts about Mike Gravel.I did, however, just make my monthly trek over to and what I found (aside from the fact that he is now on the ballot in 20 states!!!11!) made me fall out of my chair. Apparently, in addition to visiting dorm rooms and art galleries, he's now going to major universities to lecture political science classes. He spoke to a packed audience at UC–Berkeley, where he made this stunning revelation. From his site:

After gaining just 0.1 percent of California's Democratic vote on Tuesday, Gravel said that he will be remaining in the race until the end. "I have no desire to live in the White House," he told the students. "However, I do have a desire to turn around and change your lives politically."
WHAATT!??? Come on, Mike! Don't give up the fight just yet.That even the candidate no longer takes his campaign seriously is a bit of a letdown, but it's certainly a positive that he's begun reaching out to college students. Therefore, I'd like to extend an open invitation, on behalf of the Chicago Maroon Viewpoints blog, to Mike Gravel to address the University of Chicago. We just had Bill Gates last week, but I think we can do one better.