March 3, 2009

SGFC unfairly, inaccurately represented in editorial

The yacht party is by no means a “booze cruise.”

The recent editorial entitled “Sunk Cost” (3/2/09) regarding the Student Government Finance Committee’s (SGFC) allocation of money to the HYPE yacht party misrepresents the basic facts, and accordingly did not accurately portray why SGFC made the recommendation it did.

To start with, the yacht party is by no means a “booze cruise.” There will be no Student Activities Fee money going toward alcohol; instead, there will be a cash bar for students who would like to drink. The only drinks that will be provided will be soft drinks. Also, the majority of the cost of the event will be placed on the students who actually attend, as the amount HYPE anticipates to collect in ticket revenue is higher than the amount that was requested from SGFC.

The fact that money was returned by HYPE from this same event last year was taken into consideration when making the recommendation for this event. What happened last year was that Annual Allocations 2007–2008 (which took place at the end of spring quarter 2007) did not fund this event at a level which would have allowed it to happen, and as soon as HYPE realized they were not able to raise the remaining funds, they returned their original allocation to SGFC, during winter quarter last year, which allowed it to be allocated again toward activities during the 2007–2008 school year, as it was intended. That money was not left for the end of the year, but instead added into the pot with all the rest of the SGFC money at the time it was returned.

In closing, I’d like to point out a section in the Student Government bylaws which states that SGFC and Annual Allocations are to fund activities which further the purpose of the Student Activities Fee, such as events which “[improve] the student life on campus by providing opportunities for participation in artistic, social, intellectual, educational, cultural, or informational activities of diverse types and varying magnitudes.” While this particular activity may not appeal to every student, it is providing an opportunity for students to participate in a social activity of a different type than many of those provided on campus.

Kati Proctor

Chair, Student Government Finance Committee

Class of 2009