May 7, 2010

ScavBlog: Scav-etize me, Cap'n!

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End of Day One by Amy Myers

When I chose Snell-Hitchcock last Spring, I just wanted a fireplace in my room. When I joined Snell-Hitchcock the following Fall as a first-year, I got the fireplace—and Scav. The lists, the items, the judges—upperclassmen refer to the past wins with reverence and house table conversations devolve into nostalgic stories of past items. As a first-year in Snell-Hitchcock, the weeks leading up to Scav were exciting with intense preparation and rallies, but also nerve-wracking. Scav is, at least to the teams that throw themselves into the competition each year, a really big deal and honestly, I just didn’t want to mess up.

We waited as the lists came in following an evening of speeches and skits, all Scav related. The room was crowded with off-campus students, graduates, friends and students from other college. I watched as old graduates, many who lived all four years in Snell-Hitchcock, reunite to create the Hitchcocker’s Guide to the Snellexy—the Snitchcock Scav team for 2010. After midnight, the list reading began and from that moment, the frenzy started. And so, in the past 23 hours, items are just taking shape (though that is as much as I can say about any project) and what started as a google search has become a tangible item, ready for presentation on Sunday.

As I’m typing in the The Warre Room, the transformed common area for the Snitchcock, Team members are working around me. Among the first-years, unsure of what to expect from this house tradition, there is a relief that we survived the first day and more than that now, a new excitement as we plan for the next three days.