February 7, 2011

Community Episode 2.14 Recap

In the best episode of Community so far, the gang decides to play Dungeons and Dragons with Fat Neil, a person whose name is actually “Neil,” but who is fat. Neil is depressed because everyone makes fun of him for being fat, and also sort of because he plays D&D, which is lame. Or because he has no one to play D&D with, and D&D isn’t lame. Unclear.

Abed (whose name Pierce still thinks is “Aybed”) is dungeon master, and the gang and Fat Neal set out on a mission. Except Pierce isn’t invited, and when he finds out, oh man. He is pissed. He crashes the game, and the first thing his character does is steal (Fat) Neil’s character’s sword.

The imaginary sword is a big deal. It was forged by Neil’s character’s ancestors, or elves, or maybe Neil’s character is an elf and the answer is both! I don’t really get D&D, but I get Harry Potter, and this is basically the sword of Gryffindor. Neil almost cries, and Jeff gets mad at Pierce and makes him leave the study room. But Abed has special dungeon master integrity and won’t kick Pierce out of the game.

Instead, Pierce goes and sits in a lair (read: closet) and reads a bunch of books about D&D and figures out how to actually play. (Back at the ranch, everyone is still learning the rules. Troy still isn’t sure when he can say “Huzzah.”) Pierce gets a secret amulet that controls a dragon. (Best quote of the episode, which was also foreshadowing this moment sort of—Troy, hesitantly: “I feel so happy! Like a… dragon!”)

Even though Pierce is basically invincible, the rest of the gang still defeats him because they work as a team or whatever. Neil gets his sword back. Then everyone, even Neil, feels sorry for Pierce, who cares more about winning the game than having friends. It turns out along the way that Jeff invented the nickname “Fat Neil,” but since he is less of a douche than Pierce, it’s okay. Relatively.