October 17, 2014

Workday to move HR to the cloud

A new online system for Human Resources and Payroll will launch in January, affecting all faculty, academic appointees, staff, and student workers. Workday, a human resources information system that relies on the Internet cloud, aims to replace the old payroll system while offering users better access to and management of their personal information. The move was announced this past July.

Workday will allow more transparency of data shared between employees and administrators by centralizing all specifics regarding payroll schedule, benefits, and employer information within one website. Both employers and administrators will have easy access to this data. UChicago Time, the current payroll system, only reports work time, records absences, and tracks accruals.

The new system hopes to replace “paper-driven processes” with a digital system. “Workday is a robust HR system used by many educational institutions across the country,” Rich Iorio, University vice president and chief human resource officer, wrote on the Workday website. “It will ensure that the University is providing the latest technology to support core human resources for our faculty and staff. Workday also gives us the ability to add functionality over time as we learn what will most effectively support our work.”

Lewis and Clark College implemented the Workday system in January 2014. Isaac Dixon, director of Human Resources at Lewis and Clark College, said the system has made things smoother for workers. “Students can now report times and get paid through the system. It’s a lot easier because it’s cloud-hosted, and the system is electronically time-processed. This system seems a lot faster and easier for the students to pick up,” he said.

The University will transition to Workday in several stages. In January, the system will replace the current Employee Database and Employee Self-Service. In later stages, Workday is set to replace UChicago Time, which will affect employees’ records and the University’s recruiting systems. The University also looks to eventually implement Workday’s talent and performance module.

Human Resources and Payroll administrators have already had training and education opportunities concerning the new system, and those opportunities will continue for other University personnel throughout this year and into early 2015.

In a recent report by Forrester Research, Workday received high scores in a finances and human resources evaluation regarding management systems.

Other institutions who have transitioned, or are on their way to transitioning, to the Workday system include Brown University, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Yale University, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and, among others.