October 26, 2017

Undefeated in the Big City

With only three games left in the regular season, the University of Chicago women’s soccer team looks to show no mercy as they face off against New York University on October 27th. They remain ranked No. 1 with a 15–0 record and are looking to complete the season undefeated. In a poll created by, UChicago currently leads the votes of having the best combined men’s and women’s soccer program at the present time with 25 percent.

The Violets (10–3–2) are coming off of a three-win streak and are determined to finish the season strong, as they look to take advantage of this momentum to try to upset the Maroons. Doing so would be a monumental victory psychologically and increase the team morale. The NYU women’s soccer team has the skill and the stamina to do so. They have led most of the statistical categories as opposed to their opponents. 

NYU has outscored their opponents on a 28-6 margin, as well as in terms of shots, with a 184–85 margin since the beginning of October. It is clear that they are able to find the opportunities and effectively move the soccer ball with ease. Not only that, but they have never been the recipients of a blowout defeat, since they rarely concede goals. They have gone on beyond the regular start time to play two straight overtimes in one game. This demonstrates the determination they have to continue playing at a high level. 

Despite the ambitions of the Violets, they face their biggest challenge yet. The Maroons are not only skilled and lethal on both sides of the pitch, but are filled with depth. This was shown in yet another blowout victory on October 19, where they defeated the IIT Hawks 8–0. They managed to outshoot their opponents by a 45–2 margin, with 20 shots being on goal. Whether it’s their starting lineup or the bench, the Maroons are still dominant and have players who know how to score. 

The Violets not only have to worry about established experts of the game like third-year Jenna McKinney, who leads the on the offensive side with 10 goals, but also fourth-year Mia Calamari, who has 14 assists and is a candidate for being the “Best at the Assist” in DIII Women’s Soccer. The first-years have also arrived to display the same prowess. First-years like Katie Jasminski and Maddie DeVoe have come in to start several games, with fellow first-year Charlotte Waechter starting in all games. Their impact is felt immensely, with Jasminski already having five goals and three assists for this season. 

When asked about the feeling of being on an undefeated team and the impact it has had on her, Jasminski says, “Being on this strong of a team is so exciting, not only because of our record but also because it means I get to play with and learn from some of the strongest players in our league. Playing with them has allowed me to improve so much by learning from their example and experience.”

Jasminski spoke of the opportunity to play and learn from the upperclassmen, adding, “I love being able to play with them. They are all such amazing players that it has allowed the other first-years and I to learn from them and continually improve as well. Everyone is encouraging and supportive which has made our team chemistry better than any team I’ve ever been on before, and the advice I took to heart the most was to not be afraid to make mistakes, to try new things in games, and I think everyone on the team taking that advice to heart is one of the main reasons for our success.”

The Maroons will next face off against Brandeis University on October 29 at 12:30 p.m.