November 28, 2019

Nurses' Strike Averted; Hong Kong Study Abroad Program Canceled | Newsletter for November 28

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Good morning. It’s ninth week. Enjoy the holiday break! 🦃

A tentative contract agreement was made on Saturday between National Nurses United (NNU) and the University of Chicago Medical Center, preventing a strike that was planned to occur on Tuesday. The agreement will be ratified by NNU members at a later vote.

The University has canceled its Winter 2020 Hong Kong study abroad program in light of political unrest in Hong Kong. According to an email sent by the program coordinator, participating students had until 5 p.m. last Tuesday to confirm if they were taking a refund and staying in Hyde Park next quarter, or enrolling in a replacement program at the UChicago Center in Paris.

In Arts

Editor Perri Wilson writes in:

We’re hoping to expand our students’ interaction with the Italian community in Chicago by exploring service-learning opportunities and increasing collaboration with educational institutions.

The Court’s “Oedipus Rex” offers a night of thrilling Greek tragedy and a teaser of things to come for the theater.

K-pop band SuperM promises nothing less than a super performance.

By taking control of a futurist vision through the newer media of virtual reality, the four works displayed in the MADD center provide powerful and surreal experiences.

“I’m not just a witch” is one of many opening lines in a viral video tweeted by second-year Liva Pierce that spoofs musical theater—and as of November 24, over 300,000 people have liked it. Alongside thousands of newfound followers, the video has gained the attention of professionals in the entertainment industry, catapulting Pierce into Twitter stardom.

  • Pierce: "It's been really weird. It doesn't seem real. I've been on the train and had someone recognize me, and what has been cool is that I've gotten offers to do stand-up shows and perform at places around the city."

A prayer vigil and protest was held this past Tuesday outside of a city meeting on affordable housing by the Obama Presidential Center Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) Coalition. Protestors urged City Council members to support the Housing Ordinance, which aims to prevent current South Side residents from being displaced by rising property values.

  • Following the protest, CBA advocates announced that they secured a meeting with the City's Department of Housing and Department of Law to discuss the ordinance.

  • CBA organizers also held a teach-in at the School of Social Service Administration last Saturday morning, to highlight the need for further activism and the City Council's oversight on the Housing Ordinance.

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In Viewpoints

Editors Meera Santhanam and Zahra Nasser write in:

From grocery store arrivals to notorious tweets, the Maroon Editorial Board offers an incomplete list of things we've been grateful for over the past year. 

Columnist Sam Joyce argues that the University’s recent introduction of bonfires to the quad opens the door to endless possibilities for spreading Christmas cheer on campus.

Columnist Maya Ordonez encourages first-years to continually seek out novelty as they settle into college life.

Columnist Noah Tesfaye argues that while the competitiveness of the Bay Area has followed him to UChicago, it’s refreshing that the College still prioritizes intellectualism.

In Crossword

Editor Chris Jones writes in with a hint: 

As a piece of trivia for the crossword this week, the “European songbird” we’re thinking of is an ORTOLAN. The ortolan is traditionally eaten in French cuisine. Diners cover their heads with a napkin while consuming the (cooked) bird whole.