May 4, 2022


8:49 p.m.

First Council on UChicago/Community Relations Undergraduate Appointee Talks About Goals and Wishes | Newsletter for April 28

By Yiwen Lu   

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Happy week 5! In this newsletter, The Maroon takes you to the latest campus updates: Spring 2022 Undergraduate Student Government (USG) election, the appointed UChicago/Community Relations Council member, and the continued increase in COVID-19 cases.

🎓It’s graduation season! We are still accepting submissions for senior columns, which will be featured in our annual special grad issue. Any seniors in the College are welcome to contribute! Send your pieces to by April 30. In addition, if you are a parent and would like to feature your student in the grad issue, please fill out this form to request an ad. The broadsheet grad issue will be distributed during convocation week.

Read our April 28, 2022, issue here.


USG election concluded on Friday, April 22, with announcements of the next executive slate, cabinet members and College Council representatives. Good Vibeslations, comprising third-year Summer Long as president and second-year Jefferson Lind as executive vice president, becomes the next executive slate. Read The Maroon’s election coverage here.

The first ever undergraduate member of the new Council on UChicago/Community Relations, first-year Arsima Araya, was appointed this March to an 18-month term. Read more about her goals and work here.

The first Homer’s Forum Pitch Competition is set to take place on May 10 in the Cloister Club of Ida Noyes Hall. In this new pitch competition, teams of students—one of whom must be an Odyssey Scholar—will propose and test ideas for actionable change within a non-academic department of the University for the chance to win a $1,000 prize. Read more about the competition here.

The Maroon spoke with UChicago professors Scott Gehlbach, John Mearsheimer, Faith Hillis, and Paul Poast about Putin’s goals and motivations regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine. All of their expertise may be found here.

UChicago Forward reports a continued increase in COVID-19 cases this week, with 372 new cases and 611 close contacts. In light of this trend, the University recommends that symptomatic individuals be tested at UChicago Medicine or other locations listed by the City of Chicago. Read more about the latest UChicago COVID-19 update decision here.


Associate Arts Editor Julian Stern analyzed Yeesookyung’s Translated Vase. The work was on display at the Smart Museum of Art last month as a part of the Porcelain: Material and Storytelling exhibit.

Arts reporter Kina Takahashi reviewed Meriem Bennani’s CAPS film trilogy after attending a screening at the Gene Siskel Film Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago presented in partnership with the Renaissance Society, The University of Chicago’s contemporary art museum.


Contributor Galen Tsongas lambasts the University’s ​​current COVID-19 policies for their inadequacy, ableism, and lack of transparency in this op-ed.

Meanwhile, columnist Emma Weber and contributor Luke Johnson team up to argue that demasking policies are a refreshing return to pre-pandemic norms.


In an exclusive interview with Grey City reporter Noah Glasgow, David Axelrod talked about his love of politics and the IOP’s past and present.

Front desk staffer by day and writer by night, Christine Cardoza shares her story of survival and hope, chronicled by reporter Rachel Liu.


Sports reporter Dheeraj Devarajan gave us the rundown this past Sunday with a season preview of the Chicago White Sox. With a promising line-up of young players and veterans, put on your Sox, lace up your shoes, and don’t miss this one-stop guide to what is set to be an exciting season for our favorite Southsiders!


Did you know that Ulysses Grant hails from GALENA, Illinois? Fill that one into 46-down while solving our Earth Day crossword!