Cherie Fernandes

2025 Class


The Line Between Institutional Neutrality and Complacency

The proposed Department of Race, Diaspora, and Indigeneity will expose gaps in our understanding of race and reflect the University’s commitment to worldly academic inquiry.


May 4, 2022


5 p.m.

“Skip the Screen, Save the Green”: We Need the Crystal Gardens

The Navy Pier shouldn’t replace the real wildlife of Crystal Gardens with a paid simulation, and the UChicago community should advocate for this green attraction to stay.


January 16, 2022


8:12 p.m.

The Professor Prism: A Lesson on Identity

Identity is an essential piece of context for the classroom.


December 1, 2021


6:01 p.m.

I Hate to Burst Your Bubble, But…

Hyper-personalized social media is an echo chamber.


November 17, 2021


4:54 p.m.