The following are The Chicago Maroon's policies and governing documents.

Constitution (PDF)

Memorandum of Understanding with the University (PDF)

Comments Policy

Adapted from the Comments Policy of The New York Times.

By moderating submissions, we create a space where readers can exchange intelligent and informed commentary that enhances the quality of our news and information and provides a space for members of our community to share their opinions.

Comments submitted to the Maroon are reviewed by a human moderator and will not appear on the website until they are approved. To be approved for publication, comments should be on-topic and comport with the Maroon’s community standards. Things we will not tolerate include personal attacks, commercial promotion, impersonations, incoherence, obscenities (including but not limited to discriminatory slurs), and SHOUTING. Comments must be written in English and are never edited.

We welcome criticism of our work and comments critical of the Maroon; however, personal attacks on our staff will not be permitted.

Moderation decisions are subjective and will not be reviewed with readers. Because the volume of comments we can moderate each day is limited, threads are open for 48 hours by default. After that, comments will be closed so moderators can focus on newer articles. In cases where discussion is lively, that period may be extended to allow the conversation to evolve.

Errors and corrections should not be posted as comments. Instead, please fill out the form here to submit corrections. News Tips can be submitted here.

If you identify an inappropriate comment, click "Flag" at the top right and select the reasons you think it should be removed. Flagged comments will be further reviewed.

Comments policy last updated October 23, 2020.

Privacy Policy (PDF)

Privacy policy last updated January 7, 2017.