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Revising history

Including study of non-Western cultures would fill the gap in students’ understanding of philosophy and enhance existing knowledge of Western canon.

Give auditing some credit


Auditing separates learning from the preprofessional context and perhaps reminds us why we came here in the first place.

O-Issue 2013: Traditions

012513 Kuvia (Jamie Manley)7

While UChicago wasn’t included on The Princeton Review’s list of top 20 party schools this year, there are still several traditions that spice up the life of the mind.

Harboring the Humanities

Philosophy professor Gabriel Lear convinces a room full of undergraduates why they should care what Aristotle says about virtue.

We go inside the Humanities Division, the history of the Common Core, the Graduate Aid Initiative, and double majors to understand why the Humanities will always have a strong home at the University of Chicago.

Oh, the humanities

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There is room for more structure in teaching the study of literature without damaging its open-endedness.

Study group dynamics

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Studying with others can provide academic help and solidarity—but only if participants prepare properly ahead of time

University remembers Herman Sinaiko

112211 NWS Funeral (Jamie Manley)

Family, friends, former students, and colleagues gathered at Bond Chapel on Friday to celebrate the life of Humanities professor Herman Sinaiko (A.B. ’45, Ph.D. ’61).