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BREAKING: 2015 election winners

Photo: Jamie Manley/The Chicago Maroon
The class of 2015 College Council representatives. From left to right: Vidal Anguiano, Ilkner Aliyev, Yusef Al-Jarani, and Raymond Dong.

And the winners are (in no particular order)…

Vidal Anguiano
Raymond Dong
Ilknur Aliyev
Yusef Al-Jarani

Congratulations to all the candidates on a hard-fought race. You should be proud of yourselves, whether you won or lost.



Here are the vote totals for the winning candidates:
171 Yusef Al-Jarani
164 Ilknur Aliyev
140 Raymond Dong
118 Vidal Anguiano

Four other candidates received over 100 votes, making for a very competitive election. In fact, the fifth-place candidate, Esteban Valencia, was just one vote shy of creating another fourth-place tie situation.

667 first-years voted in the polls, just four short of last year’s total of 671, which set a first-year election record.

  • Daniel

    Why no Ricky Stewart?

  • Christina Dong

    Congratulations Raymond!! We’re all super proud of you!!

  • Nathaniel


  • Ricky Stewart

    This is inexcusable.

  • Nathaniel

    what were the vote totals for the write ins?

  • Johnny

    This is a surprise; last year’s winners top two winners, Ben C. Yu and Forrest Scofield were at 280 and 210. I guess the distribution became a lot more even this year…?

  • Matthew

    Is Student Government on some sort of Electoral College system? Because Ricky Stewart ran away with the popular vote.

  • Ernest

    Kay Li was clearly the most qualified candidate in that he did not run a fucking asinine campaign.

  • Grant

    I guess a lot MORE people voted for the candidates who actually won.

  • Angela Wang

    The Maroon will release the totals at some point, I believe, so there’s no point for me to spoil it.

    Anastasia ran a record write-in campaign, with a total of 90 votes, coming in 10th of 21 INTENTIONAL competitors.

    Ricky Stewart received 37 for not running at all, which is impressive yet unsurprising.

    Let me see if I can get you the totals for Kay Li as well– we don’t tend to list those if they are both write-ins and not intentional.

    Angela Wang

  • Angela Wang

    Meant to add that the votes (for the 21 main candidates) have a range of 23-171, with a mean of 90, and a median of 90.9.

    The standard deviation was 38.8, so there you go, Johnny.
    Ben had rather comprehensive name recognition, so that accounts for the difference.

  • Angela Wang

    6 for Kay Li! He wasn’t mentioned too many times regarding campaigns, so that makes sense.

  • Murat Genc

    This is Ilknur Aliyev, this is not a show