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BREAKING: 2015 election winners

Photo: Jamie Manley/The Chicago Maroon
The class of 2015 College Council representatives. From left to right: Vidal Anguiano, Ilkner Aliyev, Yusef Al-Jarani, and Raymond Dong.
And the winners are (in no particular order)…

Vidal Anguiano
Raymond Dong
Ilknur Aliyev
Yusef Al-Jarani

Congratulations to all the candidates on a hard-fought race. You should be proud of yourselves, whether you won or lost.



Here are the vote totals for the winning candidates:
171 Yusef Al-Jarani
164 Ilknur Aliyev
140 Raymond Dong
118 Vidal Anguiano

Four other candidates received over 100 votes, making for a very competitive election. In fact, the fifth-place candidate, Esteban Valencia, was just one vote shy of creating another fourth-place tie situation.

667 first-years voted in the polls, just four short of last year’s total of 671, which set a first-year election record.

13 comments on “BREAKING: 2015 election winners

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    This is a surprise; last year’s winners top two winners, Ben C. Yu and Forrest Scofield were at 280 and 210. I guess the distribution became a lot more even this year…?

  2. reply

    Is Student Government on some sort of Electoral College system? Because Ricky Stewart ran away with the popular vote.

  3. reply

    The Maroon will release the totals at some point, I believe, so there’s no point for me to spoil it.

    Anastasia ran a record write-in campaign, with a total of 90 votes, coming in 10th of 21 INTENTIONAL competitors.

    Ricky Stewart received 37 for not running at all, which is impressive yet unsurprising.

    Let me see if I can get you the totals for Kay Li as well– we don’t tend to list those if they are both write-ins and not intentional.

    Angela Wang

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    Meant to add that the votes (for the 21 main candidates) have a range of 23-171, with a mean of 90, and a median of 90.9.

    The standard deviation was 38.8, so there you go, Johnny.
    Ben had rather comprehensive name recognition, so that accounts for the difference.

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