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Fourth-year finds own identity thief

060413 NWS Kevin BANG (Frank Yan)

After a series of e-mail blasts were sent to UChicago students and faculty in his name last Wednesday, fourth-year Kevin Zhang figured out the identity of the person he believes to be behind it.

Criminal neglect

Maya Headshot

The University’s policy on reporting violent crimes is too selective to sufficiently inform those it aims to protect.

Q & A with Marlon Lynch

The head of the University’s private police force talks about how U of C crime differs from other places and what it’s like to be in charge of the safety of others.

A call to action (hero)

Matt Viewpoints Headshot

With temperatures and crime rising, Hyde Park needs a superhero—and you could be the one to don the mask.

Fourth Cisse murderer sentenced

Demetrius Warren, 21, became in August the fourth person convicted for Cisse’s murder, following the convictions and sentencing of three other suspects in the case. Of the four men sentenced for the crime, Warren was the man who pulled the trigger.