STD (Stuff To Do)—4/3/09 to 4/9/09

Morrisey, Slumdog, and a boxing tournament are some of the highlights for this week.

By Christine Yang

Friday / April 3Although boxing commonly carries with it a stigma of violence, the Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament raises money to train community youths in the sport, simultaneously instilling discipline and self-respect. Former champions include Cassius Clay, a former Illinois Attorney General, and several Olympians. (1658 West Addison, 7:30 p.m., $15) Saturday / April 4Morrisey is finally starting to look his age. The nude photo on the inner sleeve of the soon-to-be 50-year-old’s new album, Years of Refusal, shows the usual wear-and-tear of growing old, but Morrisey claims that it’s his best album yet. However, it is unclear whether the aging rock star’s concert at the Aragon Ballroom will be as stimulating as the performances he gave while still in the Smiths. (1106 West Lawrence Avenue, 8 p.m., $37)Sunday / April 5If you somehow have not yet jumped on the Slumdog Millionaire bandwagon and did not catch the Doc Films screening on Friday, be sure to attend the matinee showing of the multiple Oscar-winning film. Although it is not quite a full-fledged Bollywood spectacle, there is a dance scene at the end, as well as music by renowned composer A.R. Rahman. (Max Palevsky Cinema, 1 p.m., $5) Monday / April 6Despite its name, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (SSLYBY) does not extol the virtues of the first Russian president in its songs. Instead, the indie band from Missouri would rather sing about Oregon girls and individual empowerment. SSLYBY will be appearing with Drew Danburry at Schubas Tavern. (3159 North Southport Avenue, 7 p.m., $10) It may have snowed last weekend, but nothing signals spring like the start of the baseball season. The Chicago White Sox will play the Kansas City Royals in the home opener at Cominsky Park. (333 West 35th Street, 1:05 p.m., $13) Tuesday / April 7Pitbull may be most known for hip-hop singles such as “Go Girl” or “Krazy”, but the Cuban-American rapper is now also the host of his own youth-oriented Spanish-language cable television program. Pitbull’s La Esquina is a mix of Dave Chappelle-esque comedy sketches and street sitcoms. Tonight, the artist will return to his musical roots and perform with Rob G at the House of Blues. (329 North Dearborn Street, 7 p.m., $27.50) Wednesday / April 8Discuss the art of translation with Dedmon Writer-in-Residence Eliot Weinberger and other Department of Creative Writing faculty members. Weinberger is known primarily for translating the poetry of Nobel Prize-winner Octavio Paz and select works by Jorge Luis Borges. (Rosenwald 405, 12 p.m., free) Thursday / April 9Andrew Bird is perhaps the 21st century’s take on the one-man band. The Chicago native whistles, sings, and plays motifs on his fiddle and guitar that he then loops into live performances using an intricate system of foot pedals and recorders. Bird is on tour promoting his fifth solo album, Noble Beast. (20 North Wacker Drive, 6:30 p.m., $25.50) In its second installment of its series, “WTF?” celebrating the “God-damnedest things ever seen,” Doc will be showing Corn’s-a-Poppin’. The 1956 Western musical about popcorn features a screenplay by Robert Altman, director of A Prairie Home Companion. All famous directors have to get a start somewhere… (Max Palevsky Cinema, 9 p.m., $5)