Community Episode 2.4 Recap

It’s community college…in space!

By Mae Rice

This week on Community, Greendale gets locked in a pseudo-space race with it’s neighboring community college. City College is about to be the first community college to unveil a space simulator ever. If Greendale does not unveil one first, it will turn into a parking lot! The logic is shaky, but the stakes are high.

The Dean gets a space simulator from the eighties, which is, objectively speaking, a Winnebago. He asks Jeff Winger & Co. to clean it as punishment for submitting an obscene entry into the Greendale flag contest. (This is one of my favorite things about Community—the jokes about how dumb the flag is, since it is stupid and looks like the logo for Izze soda.)

Instead of cleaning the Winnebago, though, the study group gets trapped inside it. Stereotypical astronaut shenanigans ensue. Abed was left behind (he went back to the dorm to get a cooler astronaut uniform), and so he stays with the Dean in the student lounge. They become the “base,” trying to guide the “astronauts” (normal people) “home” (out of their sealed Winnebago).