30 Rock Episode 5.5 Recap

The gang Reaganizes

By Mae Rice

This week on 30 Rock, Jack is “Reaganing,” which means (to him, and his assistant who is incredibly sprung on him) not making any mistakes for 24 hours. He is a perfect problem-solver! Unfortunately, Liz has a big problem—a performance problem. In bed. With her boyfriend. When they are sexing. “I’m sorry I’m a real woman,” she says to Jack, who is judging her and eventually compares her sex life to the Hindenberg, “and not some oversexed New York nympho like those sluts on Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Tracy is also having a problem that Jack has to Reagan: He can’t remember his line (notably singular) for the Boys and Girls Club commercial he is filming. He can and does take his shirt off, though. Per usual. I am starting to look only at Tracy’s forehead as a coping strategy.

Meanwhile, Jenna and Kenneth (or “K-Swiss,” as Tracy calls him), have concocted an elaborate scam for their local ice cream parlor. Kenneth doesn’t understand that it’s a scam for a long time, because his brain is two-thirds cloud—when Jenna asks him if he knows what they’re doing, he says, “We’re standing here talking, adding brick by brick to our friendship castle so it someday reaches the sky!” But that’s the best phase of the scam. Once Kenneth gets it, it stops being funny, although, spoiler alert: Kelsey Grammar shows up!