Community Episode 2.5 Recap

The gang goes meta, and Pierce starts hanging out with hipsters.

By Mae Rice

This week on Community, Shirley is concerned about Jesus’s lack of a YouTube presence. After seeing a viral video about the God of Farts (Troy’s face while he vibes to the autotuned God of Farts remix is… life itself), Shirley commissions Abed to make a viral YouTube video about God.

Instead, Abed wants to make a meta-film about a Christ-like filmmaker trying to capture God on film. And guess what he wants to call it? ABED. “In all caps.” Shirley hates this idea, but Abed goes ahead and puts on a flowing wig and starts filming. He is a huge hit on campus, because college students love everything meta. Some random student gets incredibly psyched because “The director’s answering questions in the cafeteria, and it both is and ISN’T part of the movie!” (This is a meta-joke in itself though; it’s Community goofily congratulating itself on its own meta-ness.)

Meanwhile, Pierce has fallen in with a group of “hipsters”—old people who have had their hips replaced. These hipsters have an attitude problem. Luckily, it is incredibly G-rated: They just want to play poker, call people mean names, and steal cars. Not even cars, actually—just one car. Pierce has to decide if his study group or his daredevil new friends are his real friends. Of course, the reason this takes a whole episode is because Pierce has the critical thinking capacity of a cucumber.