Ice cream eases partisan gridlock

By Maroon Staff

The University of Chicago Democrats (UC Dems) and the U of C Young Republicans/Libertarians hosted a Bipartisan Ice Cream Social last Monday evening in the South Lounge of the Reynolds Club.

The event was organized by both groups as a way to get together amiably before more serious bipartisan events, including a Veteran’s Day vigil in November and a bipartisan debate later in the year. Attended by about 80 people, the ice cream social also allowed new students to meet members of both organizations and learn more about becoming politically involved on campus.

In the past, the two campus groups have been disconnected and polarized, but this year, both are making an effort to overcome hostility regardless of party lines.

“I think we’re seeing something new on this campus,” UC Dems President Hollie Russon-Gilman said. “I think both sides want better politics.”

“We just thought, ‘why not get together?’” said Joseph Dozier, Young Republicans director of campus operations. “We can share what we think in a socially beneficial atmosphere.”

Organizers hoped the social would help ease a divisive political atmosphere.

“If we settled for petty partisan politics then that’s what we’ll get,” Russon-Gilman said. “But these huge problems [in American politics]…are not going to be solved by partisan banter.”

Correction appended

This article incorrectly stated the name of the Young Republicans director of campus operations. The director is Joseph Dozier, not John Dozier.