Letter to the Editor

By Letter to the Editor

Fun didn’t die at Scav party

I was disappointed with the Maroon’s portrayal of this year’s Scav party (“ORCSA Is Doing its Part to Make Fun Die,” 5/15/07). The idea that the party was dead because of a lack of alcohol is not only just plain false, but it goes against the spirit of Scav Hunt.

Scav Hunt is all about doing the best you can and having fun under less-than-optimal circumstances. To see a Scav Hunt tradition die just because of one hurdle would be quite unfortunate.

The Viewpoints article said that the change hurt the smaller teams because they did not have the resources to throw good parties. I would argue, however, that letting ORCSA take care of the rather expensive job of buying alcohol allows the teams to compete on a more equal level, namely, that of creativity.

While I will not deny that the Scav party was less well attended than it has been in the past, I hesitate to blame this all on ORCSA.

The rumors going around last week about how boring the party was going to be didn’t help, of course, but let’s not forget that the Scav Party was also competing with Looptopia. What is the average college student going to choose—a party thrown by the weirdest of the weird, or an all-night event that the city of Chicago has been planning for months?

Most importantly, though, a good party is not defined by how much alcohol it has but rather by the people that attend. And that’s exactly what we had on Friday night. The party continued to stay alive and grow as the night went on, not because of alcohol, but because of the fun-loving Scavvies who were happy to be taking a break.

Alyssa Mathias

Class of 2009