STD (Stuff To Do)—5/15/09 to 5/21/09

Dog parties, “dog”umentaries, and more.

By Christine Yang

Friday / May 15

Director Jim Finn will appear at the Film Studies Center for a screening of his film The Juche Idea (2008), touted as a Marxist-Leninist musical exposé of Kim Jong Il’s theories on moviemaking. A selection of other shorts by Finn will also be shown, including one on the history of the gerbil, titled Wüstenspringmaus. (Cobb 307, 7 p.m., free)

Saturday / May 16

The Summer Breeze show doesn’t start until 6 p.m. on Saturday. So to fill your free time until then, party it up with the dogs at Pug Dog Millionaire. The pug-fest will feature a pug costume contest, as well as an open-air pug playground. A canine companion is not necessary for entry, but feel free to bring your own beloved pug. (940 West Weed Street, 12 p.m., $7)

If there is one concert that will fulfill every metalhead’s fantasies, it’s the Music as a Weapon tour. The heavy metal explosion will feature Chicago natives Disturbed, Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage, and Chimaira. While its notable tattoo artists are prevented from providing their services at the event due to Illinois health regulations, they will be available for autographs. (1300 South Lynn White Drive, 7 p.m., $36.50)

Sunday / May 17

The Rhythmic Bodies in Motion spring dance showcase Journey Through Dance will take you on a tour of diverse dance forms. The sixth annual show will feature everything from belly dancing to traditional Irish dance to modern jazz styles. (Mandel Hall, 6 p.m., $10)

Monday / May 18

Dive into the world of wiener dog racing at the Gene Siskel Film Center’s showing of Wiener Takes All: A Dogumentary. Closely documenting the sport’s fierce competition, the film exposes the brutal politics of the racetrack, such as a cheating scandal and the infamous rivalry between champion dogs Noodle and Pretzel. (164 North State Street, 8:15 p.m., $7)

Tuesday / May 19

Kestnbaum Writer-in-Residence and Chicago native Stuart Dybek will be giving a talk on his historical exploration of Chicago through fiction and poetry. Dybek received a MacArthur Genius Grant in 2007 and is known among Chicago public school students for The Coast of Chicago, which was required reading in city high schools in 2004. (Swift Hall, 5 p.m., free)

Wednesday / May 20

The film I Was a Male War Bride is based on the real-life story of Henri Rochard, who wrote his tale in the eloquently titled short story “I was an Alien Spouse of Female Military Personnel Enroute to the United States Under Public Law 271 of the Congress.” The film stars Cary Grant as a French army captain who must marry an American servicewoman in order to immigrate to the United States. (Max Palevsky Cinema, 9:15 p.m., $5)

Thursday / May 21

Just because you’re awesome at Mahjong Solitaire doesn’t mean you can play Mahjong like the ladies in the Joy Luck Club. Learn the tricks to this intellectually stimulating game at the Mahjong Study Break put on by the Mahjong Society. (5710 South Woodlawn Avenue, 7 p.m., free)

Business Week, The Economist, and other prestigious publications may have already graded President Obama’s first 100 days in office, but what’s a real report card without the opinions of U of C locals? A panel of faculty members including Charlie Wheelan, Michael Dawson, and Bernard Harcourt will discuss the president’s first 100 days and what they expect from him in the future. (Harper 140, 7 p.m., free)