Hyde Parkers go to the mattresses over HPAC?

The Hyde Park Art Center’s cutting its staff, and Hyde Parkers have something to say about it.

By Ben Rossi

This week’s top story in the Herald was about the Hyde Park Art Center’s firing of a quarter of its staff (3 positions) in the face of declining government contributions and foundation support.

The paper published a letter, signed by 60 students and supporters, protesting the firings. The letter accused HPAC of downsizing the center’s educational program relative to its exhibitions and other programs. The new layoffs come after the center’s decision not to replace the outgoing director of education. The letter also said that the employees affected were not properly informed that they had been layed off.

There will be a town hall meeting at HPAC (5020 S. Cornell) at 6 p.m. tomorrow night to discuss the center’s finances and future direction.