Letter to the Editor

By Letter to the Editor

There were 12,381 applications? Wow! Go, team! And a smaller number of applicants are going to be accepted? w00t! We’re really increasing our selectivity here! Next year, we might even be ranked number eight! (Only if we can beat out Amherst, though.)

But President Zimmer, this record number of applications occurred even though we still used the Uncommon Application, instead of that Common App all the cool kids are using! 12,381 promising young citizens managed to fill out that dreadfully difficult form, managing to make time to fill out one extra piece of paper, even while managing their load of A.P./I.B. classes, Quiz Bowl tournaments, marching band practices, and SAT prep courses! Gee whiz, kids these days!

We’re the University of Chicago. We should be setting the trends, not following them.

People should come here because they want to be here, not because they’re hedging their bets in case they don’t get into Harvard, Yale, or even Rutgers.

Rachel Landau

Class of 2008