U of C students join foreclosure protest

Students in the Southside Solidarity Network will demonstrate against Bank of America downtown today in response to recent foreclosures

By Lynda Lopez

U of C students are trying to break the bank today in a protest led by the Southside Solidarity Network (SSN), Southsiders Organizing for Unity and Liberation (SOUL), and the Interstate Regional Organizing Network (IRON).

As part of an ongoing effort to collaborate with students from other Chicago universities, the U of C students will protest home foreclosures that they call unfair in front of Bank of America’s main downtown branch and then march to Senator Mark Kirk’s office. The organizations aim to address social issues that not only affect the South Side and University community, but also hurt struggling home-owners across the country.

“We are speaking out against the sad state the Bank of America leaves foreclosed homes in,” said Olivia Woollam, second-year and SSN member.

The three organizations all co-sponsored an April 3rd social justice forum attended by U of C students, as well as students from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Columbia College, and the Lutheran School of Theology.

“Getting involved is important because it really does allow you to start thinking about what your role as students is in the city,” Woollam said. “It’s part of the bigger picture beyond Hyde Park. We are talented, intelligent students and we have the time and effort to make things happen,” she added.

While the next city-wide social justice forum is not until the end of the quarter, Woollam said that there are other ways that interested students can get involved.

“Something as small as going to one meeting or getting to know people in other parts of the city you wouldn’t normally meet is the right way to start,” Woollam said.