Human Rights series hits DOC

By Corey Zacharias

Doc Films’s new Tuesday series, entitled “Occupation, Colonialism, Human Rights,” was kicked off this week with a showing of The Sorrow and the Pity, a documentary about resistance to the Nazi occupation of France. The movie was accompanied by a talk with Susan Gzesh, head of the Human Rights Program at the University of Chicago. Each documentary or feature film in the series, shown on fall quarter, will focus on a different place in the world whose people have been denied basic human rights under the shadow of foreign occupation. According to the Doc Films website, a discussion will follow every week’s showing. Upcoming films explore such diverse topics as the Algerian fight for independence (The Battle of Algiers), the Israeli occupation of portions of Palestine (Arna’s Children), and the conflict between Native Americans and the government of Quebec (Kanehsatake:270 Years of Resistance); as well as cinematic salutes to human rights advocates Franz Fanon and Gandhi. Perhaps not so enjoyably entertaining as other series presented by Doc, this important theme intends to provoke thought and encourage awareness of crucial issues relevant to our world, our politics, and our fellow people. Doc Films’s complete schedule can be found at, and information about additional human rights programs can be found at