Too few people audition for UT’s spring productions

By Rachel Levine

Auditions for University Theater’s (UT) spring season resulted in less than 75 percent of acting roles being filled, with the final cast lists posted in the Reynold’s Club revealing eight of 34 roles still unfilled. One show, The Man Who Turned Into a Stick, was left with none of its six roles cast.

A student employee of UT estimated that no more than 60 people auditioned this quarter. Many involved in the audition process agreed that a shortage of male actors plagued casting from the onset. Although some women were cast in male roles, the majority of roles not yet cast happen to be for male parts.

Although unable to disclose the details of the post-audition arbitration process among shows, one director said that UT always respects actors’ preferences in the casting process, as indicated on “preference sheets” filled out by all who audition for more than one UT show in a quarter.

The director of The Man Who Turned Into a Stick said that private e-mails have been sent, inviting actors to closed auditions. She said she has had some positive responses, and has decided that if she does not cast the show by Friday, it will not go up this quarter.

Some postulated that it was the lack of a “big name” show bringing people out to auditions, such as Cabaret (Fall 2003) or Little Shop of Horrors (Winter 2004), that resulted in what some say seemed like low turnout for auditions.