U of C included in “36 Hours in Chicago”

The Times includes Hyde Park in its what to see in Chicago quick hits list. Really though? Really?

By Asher Klein

So Wednesday's NYT suggests its readers use five of their "36 Hours in Chicago" in Hyde Park–and on Saturday afternoon, too.

I mean, it's cool of the Grey Lady to throw the spotlight on the Second City, which it's generally pretty supportive of, but advocating for a nice walk around the "first neighborhood" on prime vacation time?

The neighborhood is described as "a leafy enclave about four miles south of the Loop, [and] it’s easy to see why the Obamas settled there." On the itinerary are:

  • spotting Chez Obama

  • touring the (admittedly fantastic) Robie House

  • and, you know, " the beautifully landscaped University of Chicago campus is worth exploring for an afternoon." What is this, the Real Estate section?

It's like saying, "Check out Star Wars. It's a really great movie! But when that Han Solo guy shows up, that's probably a good time to take a break and watch Charlie Rose." It's just not done.