Recent advertising: 2 wins, 1 fail

One simple rule for two flat stomachs.

By Supriya Sinhababu

Ad fail

You know those “One rule to a flat stomach—OBEY” banners plastered over, like, half the internet?

Their ubiquity in itself is creepy, but it’s the grainy “before” and “after” shots that truly shock and awe. Seriously now—if you were putting together a marketing campaign that pervasive, wouldn’t you at least use images that don’t look like they were swiped from homemade-porn stills? Anyway, I have big plans to hunt down the advertisers and force-feed them lard until they hand over their internet keys. (Or until they start looking like the “before” shot.) Who’s with me?!

Ad win

Update: Local ad win

Today’s Walgreens sign: “Barack Obama Spiderman here!”