Scav Hunt: If only spring could actually come this instantaneously…

Big projects – that start out small. Growing a tree from a seed doesn’t seem much like a miracle, until you can do it in 20 seconds.

By Ella Christoph

98. Construct a seedling that through a seemingly automated process will slowly grow into a plant in full bloom. [200 points]

Scavvies always do impressive things in just a few days. But how about in a few seconds? When fourth-year physics major and Big Projects Scavvie Matthias Jamison-Koenig read clue #98, he interpreted the “slow” growth of a tree from a seedling as 20 seconds.

“How do you magically make a tree blossom in 20 seconds from a seed?” he asked. “Hydraulics.”

Jamison-Koenig, who has been Scavving since he arrived at the U of C, says he’ll make sure to get sleep, despite the big projects ahead of him.

“Considering I have to wield power tools, I’m planning on getting two to three hours a night,” he said.