News in Brief

By The Maroon Staff

Memorial service rescheduled

Residents of Shorey House have planned a memorial service for Ilana Schaffer for 7:00 p.m. next Tuesday evening, Feb. 12, in the Homeroom at International House. Rabbi David Rosenberg of Newberger Hillel will offer prayers traditionally included in Jewish memorial services. All are invited.

—Jennifer Bussell

Donate bone marrow Thursday

Lambda Phi Epsilon’s annual bone marrow drive will take place on Thursday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. in the Reynolds Club Marketplace. The drive will benefit victims of leukemia. In order to donate, students must give a teaspoon of blood. They will then be registered on a lifetime database as bone marrow donors. If at any point the student’s bone marrow matches that of an individual in need of a transplant, he will receive a telephone call and will be able to decide whether or not he wants to become a donor. According to Cutter Makens, the service chair of the fraternity, there is a shortage of registered bone marrow donors in the United States, especially those of minority descent.

—Sydney Schwartz

Thief of WHPK’s CDs caught

The individual responsible for the robbery at the WHPK radio station last week was arrested on Thursday. The police were notified that a man was selling CDs that had been reported stolen at Dr. Wax Records on 5225 South Harper. At 4:08 p.m., police arrested 22-year-old Michael Taurus on charges of felony theft after he attempted to sell stolen CDs. After his arrest, they searched his backpack and recovered more of the stolen CDs. Taurus was not affiliated with WHPK.

“We’ve recovered approximately 60 CDs that he sold to a couple stores in Hyde Park,” said WHPK station manager Kareem Rabie. The perpetrator had stolen the entire Fu-Gl rock section.

In order to prevent this from recurring, the radio station has taken several precautions. “Now to get into the record library, a station member will have to go through two locked doors, and there are locks on each of the CD cabinets,” Rabie said. “No guests will be allowed in the record library, no backpacks will be allowed in the library, and there’s a new checkout policy.”

—Carolina Bolado

Financial aid renewal forms due

Financial aid renewal applications must be turned in to the Office of College Aid by February 15. The 1896 undergraduates currently receiving need- and merit-based financial aid must update the College of their family’s financial situation.

The first renewal decisions will be sent out on August 1. “We basically use that time to make the aid decisions,” said Alicia Reyes, director of college aid.

Students and their parents must submit the University of Chicago application for financial aid. Depending on the type of aid a student receives, he may have to complete additional forms including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile. If students neglect to complete the proper forms, the college aid office will send out reminders in the middle of May and at the end of spring quarter.

“We look at the total cost of attendence. What the parents are expected to contribute, what the student can contribute from his or her assets. We look at what the student is bringing from outside grants. The difference after all of those resources are considered will be met with University funds,” Reyes said.

The College provides financial aid grants to supplement federal student loans and meets 100% of each student’s demonstrated need. Aid comes in the form of grants, some of which are named, endowed scholarships. The University also gives out a limited number of merit scholarships, which are awarded upon admission to the College and renewable for four years, contingent upon the student’s maintaining a 1.75 grade point average and completing at least three-quarters of the classes he attempts. “We’ve had a merit program for a long time,” Reyes said. “In that sense, we want to reward the best students, but we also want to make sure the students we admit are able to attend.”

—Jennifer Bussell