Ministry of Fun

By The Maroon Staff

The Porcupine Tree

November 17


8 p.m., $15

Like some Pink Floyd with your Tool? If so, I think I’ve found the band for you. Porcupine Tree has been around for about a decade, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the group has managed to fly beneath your radar until now. The band, fronted and guided by singer/guitarist Jay Wilson, has preferred working on the fringes of the rock spectrum, never making much of a commercial impact either in their home country (U.K.) or Stateside. So don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of them.

Porcupine Tree are decidedly prog with a capital P. The group doesn’t have much use for the standard 4/4 fare, navigating complicated signatures that would please the most devoted Mr. Bungle fan—albeit a very stoned one. Most of their compositions burn slowly and steadily, rewarding patient yet attentive ears. Their most recent disc, In Absentia, which they are currently supporting, features the same prog-ish textures that have been their hallmark throughout their lengthy career. The biggest difference this time out is the label on the CD sleeve: Lava/Atlantic, home to mega artists like Uncle Kracker and Kid Rock. Yet thankfully, Porcupine Tree doesn’t seem to have taken any notice.

—Jon Garrett

Fountains of Wayne

November 15

The Double Door

The band that had everything to do with That Thing You Do! Brings their unrepentant love of pop music to the Double Door this weekend. The forecast calls for a 90 percent chance of sing-alongs (fun meteorology is not an exact science). Here’s where I would mention something about them knowing a girl named Denise, who apparently makes at least one of them weak in the knees, but I’m not going to make that joke, so tough. Sha la la la la la laaaa.

—Terry Hollandaise

Let Ministry of Fun Run Your Life!

This Week’s To Do List:

1. Get a haircut

2. Call parents

3. Read prior to discussion group

4. Not bring up Derrida in discussion group

5. Get eight hours of sleep per night

—Ministry of Fun Staff