Today in vicious, marsh-eating mammals

Another week has passed, and still the jellyfish

By Tim Murphy

Another week has passed, and still the jellyfish and snakeheads have yet to attack. Does this mean it’s time to leave the backyard shelter and eat something that doesn’t come in a can? Of course not. We can, however, take a modicum of comfort from man’s ongoing battle with the Nutria. From the Picayune (obviously), Meet the vicious rodents who are devastating Louisiana…. and the brave patriots who will do anything to stop them!Perhaps it was foolish in the first place to ever fear a critter that sounds like some sort of diet bar, but it seems that, at last, human ingenuity has succeeded in driving the muskrat wannabes back to where they rightfully belong. As with any article about hunting rodents, there are number of key quotes, but this gem stands out :

Inside the boat are the day’s supplies: two sticks for clubbing the nutria, a .22-caliber rifle for shooting wild ones and a pair of hedge clippers to clip the tails. “There’s two things them nutria don’t like: that rifle and that stick,” he said, throwing another pair of deceased rodents on board and steadying himself on the marsh with a walking pole. “All these canals last year, they were filled with nutria,” Naquin said. “Now they ain’t here no more. I put a hurt on ’em.”

How we roll, son. How we roll.