By Alec Brandon

Remember Sinbad? The man whose rise to prominence enchanted America. Although his film choices were about as smart as Shaquille O’Neal, he was on a hit TV show and was probably a pretty good stand up comedian. Also, you gotta respect anyone that was in Coneheads. I know I do.Well, Sinbad’s name is making it’s way back into the news. No, not because of his erroneously reported death. Turns out Sinbad was a political player back in the 90s and did some work with the Clinton’s that Hillary is playing up now (sort of).Meredith Viera (of all people) makes the case:Now, there is only one way to settle this issue: We need to hear Sinbad’s side of the story. Just what happened in Bosnia? What did the Sinbad-Hillary team really accomplish? On top of that, I want to see just how the Bosnia experience has shaped Sinbad’s decision this year. Obama and Hillary might have a lot of Hollywood backing, but Sinbad is more than your run of the mill Scarlett Johanson or Magic Johnson. His performance in First Kid demonstrates his knowledge of the White House and his embrace of technology shows he is a true 21st century candidate (take that Barack Obama). Hell, Sinbad has even managed to overcome his own death.He also has real cross party appeal. Sinbad is the son of a preacher, has served in the military, and hates taxes so much that he doesn’t even pay them (not even Ron Paul has gone that far). (via)