While the world looks away, Iraq goes even further to hell

While the whole world focuses on events in Israel,

By Alec Brandon

While the whole world focuses on events in Israel, Iraq is going to hell. Trouble is, we have some level of control over the result in Iraq. We have almost none over the situation in Israel. Ryan Lizza at the Plank echos my concern:

Also, following up on yesterday’s post about violence in Iraq slipping off the front-page, a report about one of the deadliest attacks of the year–53 civilians–shows up on A13 of the Post today.Obviously there’s a lot going on in the world, but I think we’ve now crossed a line in the coverage of the Iraqi civil war where the mass slaughter of innocents simply isn’t big news anymore.

Pundits should be focusing their attention on the deteriorating situation in Iraq, where information is crucial for informing an electorate that will be voting, in just a couple months, on officials that will control (to some extent) the future of Iraq, and much of the Middle East. Too bad people that even manage to read the newspaper won’t know about it.