Editorial Board Countdown (7/17)

3. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

By Andrew Hammond

3. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution calls on Congress to renew the Voting Rights Act. One would think major newspapers wouldn’t have to write editorials urging the passage of this legislation. Then again, I find this and this more persuasive than an editorial. If only we could remember where we have come from.2. The Washington Post makes a good case for accepting Viktor Yanukovich’s ascendancy to Prime Minister of the Ukraine. These days, many editorial boards feel little need for exposition. They stupidly begin by bludgeoning. The Post was wise to provide context. Also, they used the word “bevy”, which is much appreciated. What isn’t appreciated is their last sentence, which reads like a stock ending.1. The New Orleans Times-Picayune makes the much-needed plea for educational relief in the greater New Orleans area.

Hurricane Katrina and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers caused so much damage to New Orleans that it will take years to get things back to what they were. There is one institution that no one wants back the way it was, though. The Orleans Parish school system was a wreck before the storm.