Welsh Skillet Cakes Explained Through Photographs and Captions

Friday night, the Editors Blog participated in the first-ever “Campaign 2008 Cooking Spectacular.” Wi

By Tim Murphy

Friday night, the Editors Blog participated in the first-ever “Campaign 2008 Cooking Spectacular.” With help from trusted assistants Sheila and Clay, we created and devoured Welsh Skillet Cakes from Ann Romney’s personal recipe (You can read my thank you note to Mrs. Romney here).Part 1: Preparatory SchoolThe suspicious brown bottle at the bottom is Vanilla extract. I’m not quite sure what it’s doing there, since it’s not an ingredient, but as the saying goes, you go to war with the army you have. I thought I could use that gigantic knife to cut all of the eggs, but after a few tries, I decided it was easier to just crack them over the bowl.In the beginning there was nothing. Except for currants, milk, and eggs. If there is one blemish in Mrs. Romney’s recipe, it is the currants. After several tastes, I was still unable to distinguish any difference whatsoever between currants and raisins, except that currants are more expensive and therefore out of touch with mainstream American values. INTERACTIVE FEATURE: If you squint hard enough you can just make out Sheila’s reflection in the bowl. Do you see it? Squint harder! Just kidding.There were some trying moments when Sheila realized she forgot the baking powder and baking soda. And the sugar. And the salt. Basically, we were half-way to making an extra-large batch of prison gruel.At this point in the process, things were looking pretty bleak. I was tempted to add more milk and just make Mitt Romney-themed pancakes instead. And no, that was not an attempt at making a cheap “flip–flopping” joke.Stick a fork in it! Mission partly accomplished. Ted Williams’ head is actually just to the left of the picture frame next to a half-full tub of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” INTERACTIVE FEATURE: Can you guess which part of that sentence was not false?Welsh Skillet Cakes without nutmeg are like Bert without Ernie. Or something like that. Fortunately we recognized the mistake in time.Click here for part two of the photo essay.