LIVEChicago wins SG election

Youssef Kalad will serve as Student Government president for the 2011-12 term. A referendum to create a Socially Responsible Investment Committee also passed.

By Christina Pillsbury

After a three-day election process, ORCSA announced that the 2011-2012 slate elect is LIVEChicago, comprised of third-year President Youssef Kalad, first-year Vice President for Administration Forrest Scofield, and second-year Vice President for Student Affairs Meher Kairon.

Shortly after a private announcement to all the SG candidates at 6:30 p.m., ORCSA director Sharlene Holly announced the election outcome at C-shop.

LIVEChicago garnered 948 votes, UNITED Students Aliance came in second with 657 votes, the Moose party came in third with 303 votes, and Uncommon Fun got 268 votes.

Third-Year Nakul Singh was elected undergraduate liaison to the Board of Trustees. Pravin Patel was elected the graduate liaison to the Board of Trustees, although there was no official candidate running for the position.

A student referendum for the formation of a Socially Responsible Investment Committee (SRIC) also passed. The group will advise the investment choices of the University through the recommendations made by the SRIC are non-binding.

A group of students who campaigned for the referendum now plan to deliver a letter to President Zimmer Friday afternoon, according to Singh, a SRIC supporter.

First-year Angela Wang will become the Community and Government Liaison after running unopposed.

College Council results are as follows:

Class of 2012: Glynis Fagen, Kasra Naftchi-Ardebili, Joe Sullivan, Stephen Sunderman

Class of 2013: Travis Benaiges, Chester Lubarsky, Navi Singh, Douglas Everson

Class of 2014: Grace Pai, Hope Yao, Melissa Chanthalangsy, Xiafei Zhang