M.B.A. student dead after taxi hit-and-run

Booth School M.B.A. student Dan Firkins was dragged by a taxicab May 14. He passed away Sunday.

By Adam Janofsky


Booth School M.B.A. student Dan Firkins passed away Sunday from injuries he sustained May 14, when Firkins was dragged by a taxicab. The hit-and-run occurred one day before his 32nd birthday.

Firkins was hailing a cab around North Honore Street and West North Avenue to attend an evening class on the University’s downtown campus when an altercation broke out between him and the driver, a Chicago Police Department spokesman said. Firkins’s head and upper body were inside the taxi’s window when the driver fled the scene, dragging Firkins’s body and running over his legs. Firkins also suffered a fractured skull, according to a Thursday Chicago Sun-Times article.

Firkins' parents had said they were not expecting him to recover.

“He’s not going to make it,” Firkins’s mother told the Chicago Tribune Wednesday. Firkins was placed in a drug-induced coma and tests show his brain was without oxygen for 15 minutes before he was resuscitated, she said in the article.

Police are still looking for the taxi driver that ran him over outside of his Near West Side home. “This was not just an accident. This was a deliberate thing done to my son,” Firkins’ mother said in the same Tribune article. “It’s not like it’s a cat in the road he ran over. This is a human being.”

Firkins graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in engineering and was a full-time M.B.A. graduate student at Booth. According to Booth spokesman Allan Friedman, Booth students were informed about Firkins’ condition via e-mail.