Red Line proposal remains in talks

By Joel Lanceta

The Red Line Shuttle, proposed to run from University campus to the Red Line, remains in discussion, with Student Government (SG) and the University administration meeting on Monday to go over a proposal for the shuttle service.

Student Government Transportation Committee (SGTC) chairman Joe Anzalone, a fourth-year in the College, said that development, cost, and vendors for the service have not yet been finalized.

Monday’s meeting follows last week’s identification of an acceptable shuttle vendor by SGFC, as reported in the Maroon.

“SGTC decided to go forward with the Red Line in September, and we’ve been working with administrators since then,” said Anzalone, adding that a meeting between him; Bo Shan, SG president; and University administrators did not result in any definitive plans.

“The meeting held this morning was to primarily serve as an advisory meeting,” Anzalone said. “Essentially, Bo and I found out what our options were in terms of funding the shuttle pilot program. Our deadline still exists of starting the project on May 7.”

The proposal for the Red Line Shuttle, written by Anzalone, was posted on the SG website April 18. The document argues that a Red Line Shuttle is justified by concerns regarding the safety, dependability, and increasing demand for transportation from the University campus to downtown Chicago. There are a variety of reasons that we feel a Red Line shuttle is indispensable for the University of Chicago student body,” the proposal said. “It is imperative for the student body to have an affordable, easy, safe, and dependable route, both to and from, the downtown Chicago area.

“Often,” it continued, “it is much easier to travel away from campus than it is to return, and it is the obstacles that surround the return leg of the trip that discourages many students from exiting campus at all.”

The proposal also cited inclement weather, the possibility of crime, and the remoteness and unreliability of the CTA buses after dark as reasons supporting their decision. A survey conducted by SG and cited in the proposal shows overwhelming support for such a shuttle from students on campus.