Community Episode 2.12 Recap

Things are awkward in the study room at Community.

By Mae Rice

Everyone is catching up after the break in that study room they are always sitting in, and it is awkward. Shirley keeps talking about how she is back with her ex-husband (who everyone in the group hates, because he cheated on her with a stripper). Annie has a crush on a boy, but she won’t say who it is and so everyone is guessing. She’s secretly pleased, because she thinks it is making Jeff jealous. Jeff can’t be jealous, though, because he has a cabbage where his heart should be.

Finally, Jeff says, “Can we change the subject?”

And then Senor Chang says, “CHANG the subject!” From where he is lying. Which is on top of the bookcase. He is lying on top of the bookcase!

Chang is up there because wants to join the study group. Instead of straight-up letting him in, though, the group hosts a mixer that anyone interested in joining can attend. Annie’s crush, Rich, shows up with sacks and sacks of kettle corn, so everybody likes him the best. Jeff has had a feud with Rich for a long time, though—there was that incident where Rich was good at ceramics, remember?—so Jeff decides to pull for Chang. He uses his lawyer skills, and convinces most of the group that they at least know how mental Chang is, while they know nothing about Rich; Rich is a “kettle corn-popping phantom.”

Chang gets voted in. And then… past sex is alluded to! Supposedly, Shirley slept with Chang after the Halloween party no one remembers (they were too busy having rabies). Troy knows, though, because Chang left him a voicemail about it. It turns out Shirley is pregnant! Maybe with Chang’s baby, and not her ex-husband’s! It’s almost like Days of Our Lives, except it is explicitly stated during the show that Chang smells like band-aids.