Staff Editorial

By The Maroon Staff

We were surprised and saddened to learn this week that the Chicago Weekly News was forced to temporarily suspend its publication. We are sorry to hear any voice on campus temporarily silenced. We understand that there are some ipso facto circumstances in which the Maroon and the CWN are direct competitors, but we view it as a healthy competition for both the newspapers themselves and for the campus in general.

College journalism cannot be appropriately described as a cutthroat enterprise. None of us are professionals right now, and most of us will not go on to become professionals. We write for newspapers because we enjoy doing so, and we like to think that readers pick up our paper because they enjoy reading it. Stepping back from our ostensible competition, we regret that the CWN has temporarily ceased publication, just as we would be sorry to see any student organization cease activity. Where this week there were two newspapers available to the University community, for the next seven weeks there will be one. What’s more, the effect of this temporary stoppage is that an outlet for student journalism, opinion, and criticism will be silent, to the detriment of anyone who read, wrote for, or otherwise participated in the CWN. This state of affairs, in short, is one that is bad for the student body of the University of Chicago. We welcome those readers who may be new to us, and we hope that you will continue to read our paper even after our colleagues on campus resume publication.