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The University of Chicago’s Independent Student Newspaper since 1892

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The University of Chicago’s Independent Student Newspaper since 1892

Chicago Maroon

Nineteen Years Later

Nineteen Years Later

By Liz Goetz / September 19, 2023
Class of 2008 alumna's advice for her first-year self
Moving in Place

Moving in Place

By Audrey Scott / September 19, 2023
A letter to my first-year self

Cancer is Not the Problem

By Dominic Robolino / March 23, 2023
UChicago Medicine owes the people of the South Side the mental health care they need, not a $800 million cancer center that no one asked for.
Images of the chalk from before and immediately after the action. Note that chalking facilitated by anti-abortion groups on campus frequently remains for days at a time and is washed away by students—not by maintenance workers.

Why Is the Administration Using UCPD to Silence Pro-Palestinian Students?

The administration’s recent attempt to suppress an on-campus SJP demonstration using armed UCPD officers fits within a larger pattern of anti-Palestinian bias on the part of the University.

There’s Something Rotten in the State of UChicago’s M.A. Programs

By Galen Tsongas / February 21, 2023
UChicago’s master’s programs are fundamentally broken, and nothing short of institutional reform can fix them.

Advancing UChicago’s Distinct Culture of Free Expression

By President Paul Alivisatos / January 17, 2023
At a time of political polarization, President Paul Alivisatos outlines priorities for the “tough work” of upholding UChicago’s free expression principles.

Israeli Military Off Our Campus!

Content Warning: This article includes violent imagery and discusses genocide, Islamophobia, and anti-Palestinian rhetoric. This winter, the University of Chicago is hosting Meir Elran, a veteran general...

Screenshot of Journeys inbox.

The Problem of White Grievance: A Defense of Critical Inquiry

By Rebecca Journey / December 8, 2022
“Reactionary attacks on academics are not new,” instructor Rebecca Journey says. “What’s new about the practice in the 21st century is the force multiplier of social media.”

Graduate Student Unionization: For World-Class Research and Teaching at UChicago

For graduate workers, organizing their colleagues and fighting for union recognition are imperative steps in producing high-quality work.

Equal and Fair Pay for Security Officers Who Work Indoors

By JD / February 23, 2022
Indoor security officers put themselves at risk every day and deserve a raise.

UChicago Is Not an Island

By Dominic Robolino / February 21, 2022
No amount of policing will change the economic conditions of the people of the South Side or undo the decades of division engineered by the University between its own community and those surrounding it.

Distance Does Damage

By Eva McCord / February 19, 2022
To truly combat environmental and racial injustice, the University needs to put the power in the hands of the South Side.
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