Megastars shoot film in hospital

By Daniel Gilbert

Another David Auburn-inspired production has hit campus. On Monday morning, Warner Brothers trucks lined 59th Street outside the University Hospitals, stretching across the Midway to the perimeter of Washington Park.

This time the film is Il Mare, a romance starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, filmed exclusively in Chicago and its suburbs. According to two filming crew assistants who declined to give their names, Bullock, who plays a doctor in the film, was to shoot a scene in which her character arrives at a new hospital. The assistants said the filming would take place on Monday evening and Tuesday, on the second and third floor of the Wyler Pavilion, which would be closed to the public.

Warner Brothers has contracted MPSI, a security firm based in Westmont, Illinois, to guard the shoot. Security Supervisor Jason Flowers said that the crew had been filming since January or February. “Wherever the camera moves, I follow,” Flowers said.