SG Preview: Better Slate Than Never

By Joel Lanceta

With their hearts and minds set on helping the University community, the members of Better Slate Than Never said they decided to run because they thought the student body deserved competent and balanced representation with the Administration. The current SG president, Robert Hubbard, is running for reelection on this slate. He also ran in 2003 on The Slate That Shagged Me.

Hubbard said his slate wants to focus on three main issues: communication, accessibility, and safety. With regard to improving student-Administration relations, Hubbard said that the slate would concentrate on improving communication through events. “We hope to improve faculty-student communication by hosting a series of forums to address major campus issues that feature our own faculty,” Hubbard said. “The introduction of plasma screens to various buildings on campus will help RSO advertise events and save ORCSA thousands of dollars in annual advertising expenses,” he added. “These screens will also monitor the bus service outside the Reynolds Club to allow students to wait inside during the long, cold Chicago winters.” He said that they also plan to provide workshops for RSO leaders “to ensure efficiency and quality of student-organized events on campus.”

These slate members claimed that one example of the kind of “accessibility” they hope to offer might be through encouraging more students to become patrons of student-run coffee shops, such as Cobb and Uncle Joe’s. One proposal they suggested was working with Aramark to extend the UCID system to the coffee shops, allowing customers to use flex dollars. The slate is also looking towards working with library officials to extend the Regenstein Library’s all-night study space to the first floor on a more regular basis each quarter. The expanded all-night study space, which SG approved last November, was implemented during reading period and finals week of autumn and winter quarters of this year, and has received largely positive reviews.

Due to the recent surge of crime in Hyde Park, the slate’s top priority is safety for the University students who live and travel off-campus. Hoping to be able to ensure a safe environment for students to live in, Hubbard said that his slate plans to work towards refurbishing the late-night van service to provide more efficient runs and to guarantee transportation home for all its patrons. “With the CTA planning massive service cuts beginning this summer, we feel that the University must take a proactive role in ensuring student transportation options in and out of Hyde Park at all hours,” Hubbard said.