Corrections: April 22, 2005

By Maroon Editorial Staff

In the article, “In the Midst of B.A. Season, Fourth-Years Frantically Work—or Not,” in the News section of the Thursday, April 8 edition of the Maroon, Sam Jacobsen’s concentration was incorrectly identified as “General Studies in the Humanities.” It should have read: “Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities.”

In the article “SG Preview: The Doomsday Party,” in the News section of the Monday, April 19 edition of the Maroon, the web address of the slate’s official campaign blog was erroneously printed. The correct address is

In the article “Ratner Screening Allows Film Fans and Sports Lovers to Relive Hoop Dreams” in the Voices section of the Monday, April 19 edition of the Maroon, two of the event’s sponsors were not acknowledged: the Human Rights Program and the Department of Physical Education and Athletics. The quote “People look at this movie, and think there is some kind of hope for America” was misattributed to Steve James, who was not present at the event. The quote belonged to Gordon Quinn, alumnus and executive producer of Hoop Dreams.

The Maroon regrets and apologizes for these errors.