Crerar shuts down according to plan

By Joel Lanceta

Crerar Library scheduled a power outage for Thursday morning from 12:01 a.m. to 5 a.m. The shutdown was overseen by ComEd, Chicago’s primary electrical provider and attended by University facilities engineers and the Interdisciplinary Research Building (IRB) project staff. The outage caused an early 10 p.m. closing time on Wednesday at the USITE Crerar Computer Cluster.

According to Ben Chandler, the USITE classroom and cluster coordinator, the power outage was coordinated with the library and facilities department due to continuing construction at the adjacent IRB project construction site. It was the first planned power outage at Crerar in recent history.

“Obviously we will close again if the power to the building needs to be shut down, but this outage has been planned for months and everything seems to have gone according to plan,” Chandler said. “Power has been restored to Crerar Library and USITE/Crerar is once again operational.”