This Drunk Van is Your Van

By Maroon Editorial Staff

The results of the CDC survey of drinking on private university campuses are encouraging for the U of C. Far fewer students here drive drunk than at other schools.

The bad news is that plenty of students on this campus still drive drunk. While the CDC’s study shows us that 91 percent do not drink and drive, it also shows us that 9 percent do. Our low numbers are good, but they are nowhere close to good enough. Almost one out of every 10 of our classmates is betraying the trust demonstrated by the University’s lenient alcohol-use policy, and they are endangering their lives and the lives of others.

Two years ago, U of C students died in a drunk driving accident. It would be insulting to their memories to ignore the potentially tragic consequences of driving under the influence.

The University provides various resources to make sure that if students do drink, they will not get behind the wheel. We call the late-night van service the drunk van for a reason. Perhaps the van service on campus could be more efficient, but that is not a good enough reason to not use it now. The UCPD’s umbrella service is another accessible alternative.

Beyond these official services, students should remember to utilize friends and classmates, who would surely be willing to drop what they’re doing to make sure everyone gets home safely.

The Maroon understands that the CDC survey shows a percentage that the students should be proud of, but also knows that in this case, one mistake is one too many.