Shortcuts – Rx

By Peter Robinett


The Party Party


This online album (free at is a humorous set of songs that combines political vitriol with infectious dance beats. Rx combines clips of President Bush’s voice (and imitations, I assume) to create song lyrics that blast the current Bush Administration (for example, “Dick is a killer” and “I propose a plan to destroy you once and for all”). The combination of up-tempo beats and short samples from songs such as “Sympathy of the Devil” and “Walk on the Wild Side” create a fun sound, though I wouldn’t listen to this album for its music.

Instead, this is a comedy album—and at that, it’s great. “Imagine” and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” are hilarious (or depressing, depending on your persuasion) versions of these two classic protest songs, given a special twist by W’s distinctive diction. While most songs use Bush’s voice, the last track, “I’m John Kerry,” puts Kerry’s DNC nomination speech to music. However, this track is not nearly as fun as the others, as it does not subject Kerry’s voice to the same mockery that is used against Bush in the other tracks. All in all, this is a fun album for die-hard Bush-bashers or others with a good sense of humor.

— Peter Robinett