South Campus Residence Hall

6031 South Ellis Avenue; 811 residents

By Michael Lipkin

The South Campus Residence Hall (South Campus) is the newest dorm here—it’s the monstrous complex just south of the Midway. It’s also the largest, with over 800 students split into the two halves, East and West. The dorm was still working its kinks out last year when it opened; heating, air condiioning, Wi-Fi and other utilities were finicky in some places and not all the safety features were in place on opening day.

Most students, though, are happy with South Campus and the large house lounges and kitchens. Some rooms are on the small side, but each house has “goal rooms,” spacious apartments with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, private bathrooms, and kitchens. Be warned though: there’s only a handful of goal rooms per house, and with 100 residents to a house, you’ll have to stay in South Campus until at least your third year to have shot.

It’s hard to complain about the proximity to campus, and there’s a late-night snack mart on the ground floor. There’s also a large study room with great views of campus, and it’s a short walk to the new 24-hour Harper study space.

Of course, there’s the name, perhaps the most generic title for a dorm yet. Rumor has it the University is still shopping around for a donor willing to put up the cash for naming privileges, but in the meantime they’ve given smaller donors the chance to name their own rooms. Most are just named after the donor or their family, but some are downright quirky; “Room of Requirement,” anyone?